In the winter of 2019 I hit my head on the bottom of the ocean and suffered from post-concussion symptoms that lasted for about half a year.  In the spring of 2020, I was in a car accident, and the concussion symptoms returned.  
The experience was of closing. I lost peripheral vision and it felt as though I were in a tunnel. Screens were difficult to look at. I could no longer read books or sit through a complete television show. 
I did not think there was anything to learn or share about my concussions. It was a dull, quiet, painful and lonely experience. 
A solidarity exists among concussion sufferers. I was introduced to a photographer who created images that reflected his concussion experience. The images I'm sharing here were a response to his photographs, specifically to the challenge of expressing something outward that is the consequence of an inward turn.
Everything changes, and in retrospect, I see that another series, which I titled "Little Shouts" may also be about my concussion, as it lifted. Tunnel vision may have helped me focus on the texture of things, to see differently. 

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