A photographer told me a story about a lens maker that prized Ontario sand over all others. This sand, the photographer told me, gave the glass a golden glow.  The subjects in films and photographs where these lenses were employed also look special.I bought a Tamron lens from the 1980s. Tamron lenses have a golden softness to them, I find. You can count the elements by adding up the refractions in these photos. You can even ascertain the groups and the spaces between them. When I'm photographing, I often feel a peacefulness I don't experience often in my life. The sun's rays, especially at an oblique angle, bring everything to life in the same way: a solidarity of objects that are living or inanimate. As I began working with this Tamron lens the added aspect of all those refractions compounded this already peaceful feeling, like counting breaths in yoga.

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